Property in Australia has for a long time been a dream for lots of people; dreaming of a life on a sun kissed beach and patrolling the outback, but naturally there are many other things to think about.

Will the home value? is constantly a major consideration. In time home constantly has however it always pays to carefully study the marketplace and conditions of the time and place. One of the major benefits of the Australian home market is high rental returns and this is set to improve as demand is already greater than availability, plus more and

more youths are moving into the cities from rural Australia as the lure of high tech jobs lure them to the cities. Off strategy property is also available and frequently a choice with an excellent earnings margin, however again you should acquire a licence from the FIRB, this is generally a formality which can be

resolved in a number of months providing you have all your documents in order. Another item worth pointing out and this applies all over, but especially in certain areas of Australia is how green is the home?. How energy and water effective is it?

This is particular to end up being more crucial over the next few years as energy and water become more costly and green taxes are imposed by governments. I expect the Australian government to be at the leading edge of this kind of effort. Getting a visa to stay in Australia is difficult and you require authorization as a foreigner to buy property, nevertheless when that is done the processes for purchasing home in Australia are fairly straight forward. The economy in the conditions is good with low unemployment and specific sectors, especially mining doing well. The healthy outdoors way of living is another thing people frequently mention as the factor for moving to Australia.